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Product Options (Option Names, Values, and Attributes)

If you sell t-shirts .. you will likely have multiple sizes or colours for each product. Rather than entering a separate product for each size .. you can set up options that will display via a drop down box or check boxes.

Basically ... the first step is to decide what sizes will be available for any of the products you sell.

If at least one of the products will be available in X-Small ....you need to add that to the list.  If at least one of the products will be available in X-Large ... you need to add that to the list ... etc. etc. Once you have input all your possible options ... you can then assign which of those option are available for each product.

In your adminstration area, go to:

Catalogue / Option Name Manager

In the first box, type the name of the option (size ... colour, etc.)
Choose from the drop down box, whether you want you options to appear in a drop down box, or display as radio buttons, etc.

Once you have chosen what options you need ... it's time to assign values to those options (Small / Medium / Large, or Red / Green / Blue, etc.)

Go to Option Values (near the top of the same page under the green bar)
Type your value in the first box, then click insert. Repeat for every value you are going to need.

When you have finished ... you are ready to assign these options to individual products.

Click on Attribute Controller (beside Option Values at the top)
You will see "Categories" ... choose the category .. then the individual product from the drop down boxes and click display.
Scroll down until you see Adding New Attributes

Choose the Option Name from the box on the left ... then also choose an Option Value from the box on the right .. click insert. Repeat for each Option Value that is available for the product you are updating.

Most of the other stuff on this page can be left alone .. and would require a separate tutorial .... After you have completed one .. have a look at your storefront to see your changes !!





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