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Products and Categories (and Sub Categories, too)

It is best to start with a pencil and piece of paper if you have many Categories and Sub Categories. Have a good idea of your structure before you begin adding things to the cart.

You will receive an email with a link to the administration area of your storefront. Log in with the user name and password we provided you with.  Once inside the administration section, go to Catalogue / Categories & Products. This is the main page for your top level categories.

You cannot have a subcategory (file folder) and a single product in the same folder. Products need to be grouped in folders.  You can create your first top level category here (you will likely see a couple of test categories there already, that we created for you).  For example ... if you sold t-shirts, you might have top level categories like:


It is possible to have sub categories within these top level categories ... such as Boys, Girls, Kids, Infants, etc. Once you have established your main top level categories and any sub categories, you can now start entering your actual products.  You can choose whether or not to have images for your categories... it's a personal preference .. and will likely be determined by the design of your storefront.

Fill in the following fields:

Products Name
Products Price - net ... (don't put the dollar sign)
Products Description
Products Quantity (this is how many you have in stock).  If you have unlimited ... start with a large number of say, 5000 ... you can always update later.
Products Model Number (only if applicable)
Products Image (you can upload this directly from your computer by clicking the Browse button).
Shipping Weight  (only if you plan to base your shipping costs on weight).
Sort Order (the default sort order is alphabetical .. if you want to control this ... fill in this box) ..... see our tutorials on sort order for further info.

All other fields can be left as their default, unless there is something specific you need.  Don't hesitate to email us for help :)

Click Preview
Click Insert

Have a look at the storefront to see your product there !!

** Editing Categories and Sub Categories

To enter a product or sub categories inside of a higher level category, simply click the file folder or category name.  If you want to edit the actual category information (such as name, image, etc.) ... click the green "e" button on the right side of the screen, make your changes, and click "save".






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