Preparing Your Images for your Storefront

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Have you ever wondered why, when you click on the images in your shopping cart, that they end up WAY larger on the screen than what you expected? That's because they are at a large resolution (pixels per square inch) when they are in their original form and they need to be made smaller before they are used for your website or shopping cart.

Generally, a nice, workable size is around 600 pixels x 400 pixels. What is most important is that they are all the same size, especially for when we are creating something like a flash slide show. The uniform nature of the pictures also has a nice clean look when a customer clicks to enlarge the thumbnail picture in your shopping cart.

This can be something that is overwhelming if you aren't used to manipulating images and pictures. You also may not have any software on your computer that is necessary to do the job.

There is always the choice of having us take care of the images for you, but there are tools that are available on the internet that are fast and easy (and free! Whoo-hoo!) that would allow us to save time and you to save money.

One of the image/photo resizing options that we have found and like is which allows you to resize your images online, without downloading any software to your own computer. It is very simple to use, though it takes a bit longer than something resident on your computer. You have to upload the image from your computer, tell it what size you would like it resized to and it takes care of the rest. The larger the image, the longer it takes, but it's nice and easy. This website is great for one-at-a-time photo resizing.

The other option that we like (and use) is a downloadable executable program (also free!) from a website This software is freeware, without any limitations. The cool thing about this one (outside of the "free" aspect) is that it allows you to resize multiple images at once. For example, if you wanted to resize all 25 of your pictures for your shopping cart to 600X400 pixels, that would take you quite a long time, one at a time, online or with any number of photo-editing softwares. With this image resizer, you can select all 25 images and resize them at once.

**** REMEMBER - ALL images should be in either .jpg or .gif format. ***