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FTP (the act of sending additional product images to your server)

When you have a large amount of images to send, it is usually better to send them directly to the server (your hosting account), via FTP.

Go to www.coreftp.com

Download the FTP software (it's free).
Open (or run) the program.
The Site Manager should automatically open .. but if it doesn't, click on the blue up and down arrows on the top left ... or you can go to File / Connect.

You will need to fill in the first 4 fields.

Site Name - this is whatever you want to call it for your own purposes.
Host / IP / URL - will be provided to you by Dream It Webworks.
Username and Password - will be provided to you by Dream It Webworks.

Click "Connect"

Once connected, you will see all your local files on the left (these are the files on your computer) ... and the empty folder on the right (this is where you will put your files). You do not need to create any folder for yourself, as this was done for you at the time your FTP access was set up.

Browse your computer for the files you want.

You can "drag and drop" any amount of files you need to the server (right hand side). BE SURE YOU PUT THEM IN THE /images FOLDER !

Once they show up on the right hand side in the /images folder, you have successfully FTP'd your stuff !!





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