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Information Pages (EZ Pages)

Your storefront includes many features, including the ability for you to create and maintain your own pages.  If you haven't already, have a look at the "Sort Order" tutorial.  The same method applies for getting your Information Pages to appear in a specified order. 

Go to your administration area and log in.  Go to Tools, then EZ Pages.  Click New File.  Whatever name you give your page is what will appear as the link.  Try to keep it concise and easy to identify. 

You only need to worry about the Page Title, the HTML Content, and the Sort Order (you will see boxes called "Header", "Sidebox", "Footer", "Chapter".)  If you leave all of these blank ... the link to your new page will not be visible anywhere on your site.  If you want the link to appear in the navigation Sidebox, then you must put a number in the Order box that is next to Sidebox .. make sense? Same goes for the others.  Do not worry about the Chapter section.  That is another tutorial, and does not apply to the majority of storefronts. 

Most storefronts will have the navigation only in a Sidebox on the left side, so unless you have something different, this is the only place where you need a sort order.  Then it's time for your content.  You may type your text in the HTML Content box.  Be sure to click Insert .. then check your storefront.  Easy enough?

Adding a text link to your page

  • Go to the page you want to add the link to
  • Type the text that will create the link and highlight it
  • From the top buttons, choose the little "chain link fence" button
  • In the URL box, type the full path to the website you want to link to (be sure to include the http://www.)
  • Target - choose "New Window"
  • Click OK.







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