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Additional Product Images

A product owns 1 filename ...

Note: the base image name is the original image name loaded for the product.

The concept of multiple images is best explained using an example:

From the Admin, you edit a product and specify an image file called:

Now you use your FTP program to upload additional images to /images

  • candle_01.gif
  • candle_02.gif
  • candle_03.gif
  • candle_04.gif

The numbers are used so these would load in order, as the additional images are loaded alpha/numeric. Be absolutely certain that your image names are identical in terms of captials, file extension (.jpg is different from .JPG) ... etc.

If you are choosing to load different sizes for each of your images .. continue reading ...

For the large image (used in popups) use FTP and upload:

  • /images/large/candle_01_LRG.gif
  • /images/large/candle_02_LRG.gif
  • /images/large/candle_03_LRG.gif
  • /images/large/candle_04_LRG.gif

For the medium image (used as the main image on the product_info page) upload via FTP:

  • /images/medium/candle_MED.gif

NOTE: There is ONLY ONE ( 1 ) Medium Image used per Product on the Product Info page: (pages named product_info, product_music_info etc.) The naming is related directly to the original image.

Now you do can choose to use subdirectories for loading your images if you have hundreds of products, or just simply follow the pattern below for the different image sizes.

All images can be loaded to:

  • /images
  • /images/large
  • /images/medium






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