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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Encourage Conversions with a Personal Touch
December 11 , 2008

Without question, a genuine personal touch will make the sale.

After conducting a search for your product, you will note that even though your seo for small business has placed you on the first page; you have a number of competitors. What will set you apart?

It is very important that your visitor have every opportunity to make personal contact with you. Although email is fast and often right to the point, buyer confidence can quickly be instilled by the assurances in your voice.

1.Imagine if you found a product that you were ready to purchase; but you had some follow up questions. You scan the webpage quickly, and effortlessly locate the telephone number. You pick up the phone, dial and in a few seconds someone answers the phone. This person is friendly, professional, eager to answer your questions, and ready to ship that day. This is the personal touch that you need to inject to your website and company practices. Even if the person you called didn't have the product in stock, you would likely remember the exchange; and write the number down for another time.

2.When it comes to your website, avoid extra features, added benefits and technical advancements. Your visitor will easily be confused by questions about a products specifications, and add-on features. Encourage a telephone call to satisfy their queries, and avoid paralyzing their decision to buy.

3.Consumers make purchases to satisfy a physical, emotional or psychological need. As such, this motivational exercise requires (near) immediate satisfaction. If your customer decides to purchase from your company, be certain to ship right away. Take the time to let them know, and provide a tracking number for added assurance. Although the product is not their hands, they are satisfied it's on its way.

By Kristoffer Howes, Dream-It-Webwork's SEO Specialist, and author of our Blog Building a Better Online Presence


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Starter Package:

Our SEO specialist will work with you to determine your target customer base, develop successful keywords, and optimize your website to make it search engine friendly.

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