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My introduction to Ebay was limited, at best. I registered a user name, in anticipation that maybe one day, I would learn how to use it ... and .. if I were lucky enough, I would bid on something. Well ... a good friend of mine brought me along on a "girls only" weekend, where we played this crazy card game that belonged to the hostess. Not regular cards, mind you, CRAZY cards. She happened to mention that she had never been able to find that card game to buy for herself.

So .. I decided it was time to try Ebay. I searched, I bid, I won. I was ecstatic. So was my good friend. EbayNext thing you know .... there was no stopping slipperytoes66 (yah .. I know) ... from buying anything and everything possible.

Well, I figured so many people were selling on Ebay, I would try too. What to sell? Hysterically, my son and I decided to photograph and sell a little toy plastic dragon thing that was just sitting on the shelf. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter, and not much success at figuring out the whole Ebay selling process. I resolved to just being an Ebay bidder - which - in its own right was much more fun.

That same good friend (remember the CRAZY card game?) bought me a book. The Ebay Bible. It tells you how to buy, how to sell, how to manage your business, and everything else imaginable you would need to know. Isn't she a good friend?!! That was it - all I needed. I created a few listings, but didn't really attract much interest. It was about a week without any "watchers" before I realized that you must use the name of your item in the title of your item listing (duh).

I created a listing for website design. $75.00 - ALL INCLUSIVE - logo, domain, hosting, EVERYTHING. That did it. Even the skeptical folks were willing to risk $75.00. Finally found my niche. March 1, 2007, my first inquiry. March 2, my first payment. I can't possibly explain how exciting that was. By April, I registered Dream-It-Webworks.com, and revamped my Ebay store.

By September 2007, many clients were finding me through Ebay, but preferring to deal with me directly - which is great for business, but not so great for your Ebay feedback score. Thus, Ebay coupons were born. For only $.99, clients can purchase a coupon on Ebay, and receive $25.00 off any Dream-It-Webworks design package. Great for business, great for feedback (for both of us). You can find any sort of coupon at any given time in our Ebay store - there's always something. Visit our Ebay Coupons page to view current Ebay coupon auctions that are listed right now.

Yes, that was quite a long story - with no way to make it short, but relevant, just the same.

Stop by. Visit Dream-It-Webworks on Ebay. See what's up for auction, and get your coupon. Then come on back and start dreaming your website.



Be sure to visit us on ebay to get your discount coupon.  There are $10.00, $25.00, $35.00 and $50.00 discount coupons, depending on what's available at any given time, as well as hosting credit coupons, "promote your website" coupons, and many more.

Most coupons start at $.99.. some are only $.10 !!, and are a great way to boost ebay feedback scores for both of us.  So ... go on ... get one !!



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